Dance Delights Audience at Spring Concert

Dancers on stage (photo courtesy of Miguel Guidos)

Dancers on stage (photo courtesy of Miguel Guidos)

By Tia Keys

Arabesques, pirouettes and rond-de-jambes were part of beautifully-crafted choreography gracing the stage as students performed during the Student Dance Concert in March.

With an audience of more than 100, students performed original jazz, ballet and modern dance routines. Under the direction of College of Southern Nevada’s Dance Director Kelly Roth and new-dance-certificate holders Jennifer Roberts and Christopher Leggett, the performances showcased the talent of students and what they’ve learned here in the program.

Twelve dances were performed in the show including the most popular ones: “Play Time,” “The Love Boat,” “Beyond the Veil,” “It’s Personal” and “Peachy King.” The theme of love was threaded throughout the entire production and songs like “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith and “Tango Santa Maria” by Gotan Project provided fuel for the performers onstage.

“The dances tonight were very emotional and passionate because the dancers performed from the heart,” said Fumiko Leggett, who attended the show.

Pam Carpenter, who saw the show, loved the diverse modern choreography. She was amazed how the students pulled off such spectacular performances in only two months of preparation.

“The students did an exceptional job performing,” Carpenter said. “All of the dances were just awesome.”

In addition to the students, instructors performed a few original compositions.

Dance Director Roth performed a duo on stage. He also choreographed “All You Need.” He takes inspiration from many things when crafting a new dance or putting together a show.

“I’m a post-modernist dancer,” Roth said. “In post-modernism we use everything, which means forms of movement are displayed as cynical interpretations of culture, philosophy, economics, literature, arts, history, architecture, literary criticism and fiction.”

Jennifer Roberts and Chritopher Leggett

Jennifer Roberts and Christopher Leggett

Roberts performed “The Love Boat.” In this dance, lights dimmed, fog covered the floor, and a male and female dancer performed a romantic duet with their bodies flowing together to the beat of the music.“It was choreographed and sung by me, so it was my piece,” Roberts said. “I enjoyed that dance because it had a unique collaboration with how it was pieced together.”

Angela Mercado, CSN student, enjoyed that dance noting the different colored lighting effects and fog on the stage. She also mentioned the music was good.

According to Roth, the dancers are motivated to inspire people around the city and the world with their art. The students recently performed in Spain, Italy, Mexico and Arizona.

A new 30-hour certificate-of-achievement in dance program recently started at CSN. Students with this certificate, including Roberts and Leggett, showcase their talents in dance productions on campus like this one.

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