Empowering Women’s Conference

Speaker Erin Fischer

Speaker Erin Fischer

By Jessica Sagawa

In celebration of Women’s History Month, College of Southern Nevada hosted a conference led by The Leadership Institute -Women with Purpose.

The Wildly Successful Women Conference was developed with the goal of enhancing leadership skills in our students and faculty to help these women reach their potentials personally and professionally.

“Women have limitless potential,” said Erin Fischer, speaker at the event. “We’re programmed to have vulnerability as a weakness, but it actually strengthens us.”

More than 20 people attended the event. They shared stories with the group. Some women told stories about their families, identifying that as the most important core value in their lives. Others spoke about their personality styles and how those impact their career choices.

An important activity at the conference was exploring a list of 40 values including but not limited to the following: honesty, family, compassion, adventure, creativity, faith, freedom, friendship, service and tradition. Each woman chose her top four core values and then shared why she chose those. The goal of the activity was to enlighten participants about what really matters to them.

“This was an eye-opening experience for me because I learned that my values have changed over the years,” said Yvonne Jackson, CSN adviser and success coach. “This information gave me some insight into exploring different career paths at this time in my life based on what I value.”

“I liked that the speaker used relatable stories and scenarios to convey her point,” said Frantonia Pollins, attendee and CEO of The First Lady Lifestyle & Leadership Academy. Pollins also liked that Fischer created an interactive conference rather than a typical lecture.

“I was inspired to do a bit more work in areas of my own confidence as well as refining my personal and professional brand,” Pollins said.

The best tip Fischer has for women in college: don’t be afraid to fail. If it doesn’t work out, something was still gained.

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