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natalia soccer 2By Natalia Lancellotti

Athletic students from the College of Southern Nevada wait eagerly each year to start the soccer season in intramural sports. They compete to win, even against the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

“I want to make sure students are provided with a program they enjoy,” says Andrew Farrar, intramural sports and wellness coordinator at CSN.  “I know the sports coordinator at UNLV. We try to get a good bond between UNLV and CSN.”

The Sports Center at Cheyenne campus offers students the opportunity to compete at regional levels. For example, the Desert Cup competition against UNLV held earlier this year on April 30 was a great game.

“Students are very passionate about soccer and very dedicated,” Farrar says.

Students are preparing for competition now.

CSN students Lino Rubio, Aaron Luna and Ernesto Lopez participate in the Indoor Soccer Intramural League every Tuesday night at the Sports Center.

“Soccer means a lot to me, it’s a cool hobby to be entertained with,” Rubio says. “It gives me a positive attitude because school can be stressful and soccer relieves my stress.”

“I like playing it with my friends,” Luna says. “Soccer gives me the opportunity to meet new people. Also I feel excited and energetic every time I play soccer… I get the exercise that I need to keep myself active.”

“I love it,” Lopez says. “I play soccer as part of my cardio routine.”

The CSN Intramural Sports Program was created as part of the College’s desire to build a student-centered campus environment. Each year, approximately 400 students, faculty and staff participate in sports including: basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, ping pong, flag football and racquetball, according to the CSN Intramural Sports’ website.

In order to participate, students must purchase a membership card for $5 and sign up prior to the deadline.

For more information, contact the intramural department SportsCenter@csn.edu or call at (702) 651-4886.

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