Clubs Raise University Acceptance

College of Southern Nevada

Students signing up for the One Love Club

By Li Han

How can you separate yourself from others when trying to get into competitive schools after attending CSN? Join a club or organization!

Here at the College of Southern Nevada there are more than 40 clubs and organizations that students can join. From Culinary Club to Black Student Alliance to Chemistry Club, there is a club that caters to all interests.

Joining a club has many positive results. When students leave CSN to further their educations at universities, it looks great on college résumés. Colleges like Harvard, for example, had applications from over 34,000 students in 2012, but only about 2,000 were accepted. What set them apart from their grades? Extracurricular activities, like being part of an organization. Also, club members may find opportunities for scholarships through certain organizations.

There are other rewards that come from joining clubs. Students are able to socialize and have a sense of community with those of common interests. They are able to help their community with volunteer projects promoted by their clubs. They may also promote awareness about certain issues that affect college students.

Vikki Linvell, president of One Love, the lesbian bisexual gay and transgender student organization, says the main goal for her club is, “To promote co-existence in the LBGT community. She also says One Love has, “A social benefit and gives confidence to our members.”

CSN recently held Club Rush, a fair that showcased over 30 clubs that CSN offers, to provide an opportunity for students to sign up. Whitney Camacho, a first year CSN student and nursing major, says she wants to join clubs not only because her future career plans require her to volunteer, but also for real-world experience.

Selena Perez says, “I’ve seen that it does help your grades when you’re in a club.”

With so many positive outcomes that come from being part of clubs and organizations at CSN, why not join and enrich your college experience? To start a club, all you need is 10 students, a faculty member, and you have a club! With the fall semester underway, it is the perfect time to join!

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