Thanksgiving Food Drive Supports The Shade Tree Shelter

By George Gonzales College of Southern Nevada gives back to the community with a Thanksgiving food drive. Canned goods, warm coats and other donations were gathered for the Shade Tree organization. Katelynn Costa, CSN student and senator for ASCSN student government, came up with the idea of … [Read More...]


Light The Night Walk

By Jessica Vargas Thousands participated in Light The Night Walk to raise funds and find cures for leukemia and lymphoma. College of Southern Nevada’s very own associate vice president, a survivor of lymphoma, was an honored hero at this year’s event. James McCoy, associate vice president of … [Read More...]


We are People, Not Mascots

By Karla Spann “We are People, not Mascots” was a discussion held on campus to elevate the consciousness surrounding sport-teams’ mascots that offensively portray Native Americans. Dr. Chad Waucaush, College of Southern Nevada history professor, facilitated the discussion about the use of … [Read More...]



Bernie Sanders Addressed Serious Issues at Rally

By Ariel T Rodriguez Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders stirred the crowd at his recent North Las Vegas rally at Cheyenne Sports Complex near campus. Sanders is serving his second term in the U.S. Senate after winning re-election in 2012. His previous 16 years in Congress made him … [Read More...]


Clinton Leading in Student Poll

By Percy Hinton Recent poll of 100 College of Southern Nevada students shows Hillary Clinton is the students’ choice for president. In October an informal poll was conducted with two simple questions: In the presidential election who will you vote for and why. When the numbers were tallied, … [Read More...]


Congressman Cresent Hardy at Hispanic-Heritage Summit

By Ariel T. Rodriguez College of Southern Nevada’s annual Hispanic-Heritage Summit was hosted by Republican Congressman Cresent Hardy. The summit's purpose was to commemorate Hispanic-Heritage Month by promoting education and raising awareness of opportunity and success for students. “My … [Read More...]


Presidential Hopeful Rand Paul Visits CSN

By Soni Brown Republican presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul came to the College of Southern Nevada to discuss his issues on immigration and education during the LIBRE forum. Paul is a junior senator from Kentucky who is running for the Republican presidential nomination competing against … [Read More...]

Science & Technology


NASA Found Liquid Flowing Water on Mars

  By Nancy MonsayNASA just received key evidence about potential life on Mars with its recent discovery of a life-sustaining resource on the red planet: water. According to NASA’s website, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter provided the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows on … [Read More...]


The GMO Agenda

By Ariel T. Rodriguez Genetically modified organism, commonly known as GMO, was the topic of discussion at a recent lecture “The GMO Agenda” held at the Las Vegas-Clark County West Charleston Library, near campus, Sept. 9. Former College of Southern Nevada student Nicole Sligar, founder of GMO … [Read More...]


Office 365 Suite of Software Downloadable for Free

By Nancy Monsay Microsoft Office 365 is available free for students to download. The 365 suite of software includes five licenses: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and storage in OneDrive, a cloud-based service. Students and faculty can download the software to their … [Read More...]

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What is it like to be an Astronaut?

By Yessica Casias Imagine traveling beyond the parameters of planet Earth into a universe filled with unknowns. Astronauts get to do this. College of Southern Nevada’s show called “Astronaut” playing through Oct. 25 at The Planetarium gives a glimpse into this life. CSN’s Planetarium Manager … [Read More...]



Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series

By Areania Hewing Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas marathon series was held Nov. 10 to 13 on the Strip. It started with a health and fitness expo and concluded with a half marathon and full marathon. There was even a three-minute run-thru wedding ceremony … [Read More...]


Skiers and Snowboarders Counting Days Until Slopes Open

By Jordan Johnson Lee Canyon, formerly Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort, is opening soon for its winter season. According to Trevor Ropelato, Lee Canyon’s media specialist, the resort should open to skiers and snowboarders around … [Read More...]


Bump, Set, Spike

By Kim Trejo College of Southern Nevada has a new women’s volleyball team that will compete as part of the National Junior College Athletic Association. It is the first team in the state to play in the NJCAA. According to its mission statement … [Read More...]



Blood Drive Saves Lives

By Paulina Carrillo Trying to make a difference in the community the Student Nurses’ Association at College of Southern Nevada sponsored a blood drive for the American Red Cross. “CSN is a great place to get blood donated because students are often willing to do that,” said Catharine Rinehart, … [Read More...]


Fast Food Diet is Tasty but Troubling

By Areania Hewing Fast food from McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell are often part of students’ daily diets. The food is quick, inexpensive and convenient. Although it is tasty, it can negatively affect academic performance. New York University researchers found that, on average, … [Read More...]


Mental Wellness

By George Gonzales Students struggling with depression can get help on campus through Counseling and Psychological Services. Recent mental-health screenings held Oct. 6 at College of Southern Nevada’s three main campuses gave students opportunities to reflect on how they are doing and reach … [Read More...]


De-Stress with Therapeutic Dogs

By Alex Aguilar Love Dog Adventures came to the College of Southern Nevada with furry friends to help students de-stress. Emily King, CSN West Charleston librarian, said it wasn’t until last fall the College decided to have dog therapy. “I love having Love Dog Adventures come to campus,” … [Read More...]

Art & Entertainment


“The Adding Machine” Steals the Show at CSN

By Neise Cordeiro Sold-out production “The Adding Machine” opened theater season at College of Southern Nevada. Aaron Tuttle, lead faculty of theater at CSN, shared his excitement about opening … [Read More...]


“We Are Called to Rise” author Laura McBride Wins Silver Pen Award

By Soni Brown Nevada Writers Hall of Fame will honor College of Southern Nevada English professor Laura McBride with the Silver Pen Award for her debut novel “We Are Called to Rise.” “Well, it’s … [Read More...]


“The Adding Machine” a Behind the Scenes Look

By Neise Cordeiro If we think a theatrical play simply requires a good script, actors and a stage, think again. It takes much more to get a production off the ground. Aaron Tuttle, lead faculty … [Read More...]


Student Films Showcase Professional Level on Big Screen

By Karla Spann Fourth Annual Short-Film Showcase held at College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus featured films by CSN students. Eleven films were shown that covered many topics. Some … [Read More...]


Meaningful Return for Artists in “Ground Zero” Exhibit

By Paulina Carrillo “Ground Zero” captivated museum goers at the Artspace Gallery located on Cheyenne campus. Past students of the art program at College of Southern Nevada sent in their art … [Read More...]



StudentLingo Workshops Make a Big Difference

By Kim Trejo StudentLingo, a new series of online workshops available at College of Southern Nevada, can help students develop dozens of skills such as time management and study techniques. These come in handy as final exams … [Read More...]


“No Greater Odds” Documentary Stirs the Nation

By Jessica Vargas “No Greater Odds” is an inspirational documentary that shows the journey of five College of Southern Nevada students who have overcome overwhelming obstacles while earning their college degrees. One of the students featured … [Read More...]


Millennium Scholarship for More Students and More Credits

By Soni Brown Recent changes were made during the 2015 State legislative session that makes the Millennium Scholarship available to more students. Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship rewards Nevada high-school graduates $10,000 over the … [Read More...]


Dreams and Degrees

By Michael Uselding Students’ shared their hopes and degree pursuits during welcome events at the College. Many came together during the CSN Connections events held on Henderson, Cheyenne and Charleston campuses in September. Faculty and staff … [Read More...]


Road to Academic Success

By Jessica Vargas College of Southern Nevada changed the name of its tutoring services to the Centers for Academic Success and is offering unlimited tutoring for all students. Shellie Keller, director of Centers for Academic Success, said the … [Read More...]



Appreciate Diversity

By Jordan Johnson Diversity Day at College of Southern Nevada provided training sessions for faculty, staff and students to increase their cultural awareness, appreciation and aptitude. The Office of Community Relations, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs holds Diversity Day each … [Read More...]


Why Wait in Line, CoyoteQ Can Save You Time

By Paulina Carrillo CoyoteQ is a new virtual system implemented at College of Southern Nevada that enables students to get in line for services by logging in to hold their spots rather than standing in line. The Q allows students to reserve a spot for many services: registrar, financial aid, … [Read More...]


LGBTQ Celebrated on Campus

By Neise Cordeiro Library Pride Celebration, an inaugural event held at College of Southern Nevada’s Charleston campus library, helped bring together the LGBTQ community. Members of the Queer Inclusive College Committee organized this event with a goal of informing people about the different … [Read More...]


Self-Defense Program for Women

By Paulina Carrillo Rape Aggression Defense Systems is a free monthly self-defense program offered to all women at College of Southern Nevada. The program is instructed by CSN’s police officers. Carolyn Downey, RAD instructor and police sergeant at CSN’s police department, said there’s a … [Read More...]




By Ashlee Godwin People are consumed by media today. Technology is sophisticated and students spend a lot of their time engaging with screens creating some benefits but causing some problems. Research shows that adults spend more time engrossed in screens than working full-time jobs. “Over … [Read More...]

evan 2

Get Upwards of 50% off Food, Clothes and Entertainment with Student ID

By Evan Combs Get discounts on food, rent, shows, movies and services by getting a College of Southern Nevada student ID. The discount program can save students money. “In just six days of having a student ID, I think I’ve saved over $25 with all the food discounts that they offer,” says CSN … [Read More...]



Rapper “Streetz” finds Life in Music

By Trena Allen Jonathan "Streetz" Paya found salvation through rapping while going to school. "I couldn't stay out of trouble,” Paya said. “I didn't find a reason or purpose for living until I found myself at College of Southern Nevada. I feel like Hip-Hop and CSN chose me, opposed to me choosing them. Hip-Hop allows me a therapeutic outlet for the struggles, strife and troubles of life, and CSN gave me a place to be myself and help others at the same time. I'd be dead or in jail without either of them." Paya started rapping in 2002 and the encouragement he received fueled his … [Read More...]



Time to File Taxes, Students Can Save with Education Credits

By Eileen Salazar Uncle Sam sits back and waits to collect his money no later than Wednesday, April 15. Students who work and make more than $10,150 a year must file taxes. The American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit can save students thousands. There are two tax credits … [Read More...]

Business Communication Duplicate model

People Can Take You Places

By Alex Aguilar Creating networks with access to professionals can help students get jobs. A workshop called The Art of Networking was held on campus for students. “I believe that networking is a critical part of any student’s career,” said Kathia Sotelo Calderon, College of Southern Nevada … [Read More...]



Ghosts ‘n Goblins

By Soni Brown, Paulina Carrillo, George Gonzales, Percy Hinton, Adrianne Jackson, Jordan Johnson, Ariel Rodriguez, Kim Trejo and Jessica Vargas Halloween spirit creeps in at the College of Southern Nevada with decorations, contests, games and costumes. Students and staff prepared for the holiday with fun activities and an enjoyable spooky vibe. “We really wanted to […]


Fright Dome Adds the Fright to the Dome

By Adrianne Jackson Haunted houses have advanced from make-shift versions of spider webs, fake creatures, strange sounds and ghosts to horrifying live performances that shake attendees out of their socks. Jason Egan, creator of Fright Dome at Circus Circus Las Vegas, has horrified masses of thrill-lovers since October 2003, according to a press release dated […]


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