Rapper “Streetz” finds Life in Music

By Trena Allen Jonathan "Streetz" Paya found salvation through rapping while going to school. "I couldn't stay out of trouble,” Paya said. “I didn't find a reason or purpose for living until I found myself at College of Southern Nevada. I feel like Hip-Hop and CSN chose me, opposed to me choosing them. Hip-Hop allows me a therapeutic outlet for the struggles, strife and troubles of life, and CSN gave me a place to be myself and help others at the same time. I'd be dead or in jail without either of them." Paya started rapping in 2002 and the encouragement he received fueled his … [Read More...]



A Woman is Running! A Woman is Running!

By Heather Love Americans could possibly elect the nation’s first female president in 2016. Campaign season is gaining momentum with announcements and presidential hopefuls hitting the road visiting several cities. On April 12, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president by airing a two-minute video that depicted various types of Americans. Clinton appeared in the ad saying, “Everyday Americans need a champion and I want to be that champion.” Clinton faces plenty of competition as candidates are rallying. Republicans Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mark Everson and Ben … [Read More...]



CSN Builds First Women’s Junior-College Volleyball Program in State

By Devin Virissimo Women’s volleyball will be the newest sport added this fall to College of Southern Nevada’s competitive athletic program. It is the first National Junior College Athletic Association women’s volleyball team in the state. Fortunately its home will be CSN Sports Center at … [Read More...]


Coyotes Softball Still Competitive with Only 13 Active Players

By Devin Virissimo Thirteen is the lucky number for College of Southern Nevada’s Coyotes softball team as it heads into the final half of its season in hopes of winning its conference. The women’s softball team had 21 players at the beginning of the season. Now only 13 active players remain … [Read More...]

Devin 1

Bickford and Lucero Bring Baseball Early Success

By Devin Virissimo Before you finish reading this sentence a 94-mile-per-hour fastball could have whizzed by you at least three times. Hitting that ball is almost impossible; it is even harder when the pitcher and catcher are totally in sync with one another. College of Southern Nevada’s … [Read More...]



De-Stress with Therapeutic Dogs

By Alex Aguilar Love Dog Adventures came to the College of Southern Nevada with furry friends to help students de-stress. Emily King, CSN West Charleston librarian, said it wasn’t until last fall the College decided to have dog therapy. “I love having Love Dog Adventures come to campus,” … [Read More...]


Out of Sight Experience Provided Insight on Having Disabilities

By Jennifer Hurtado Russell’s Restaurant was packed April 9 for the Disability Resource Center’s fourth annual Out of Sight Dinner Experience at the College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus. Often it can be difficult to understand what it is like to live with a disability for people who … [Read More...]


Ashtanga Yoga Classes Now Offered at Sports Center

By Michael Carmona Yoga provides benefits of exercise, stress reduction, stretching and breath control, which increase circulation and energy. Students can take advantage of these benefits during stressful times, especially at midterms, by attending yoga classes at the Sports Center on the … [Read More...]

Art & Entertainment


Absurdist Theater Unleashed in “The Real Inspector Hound”

By Eduardo D. Rossal Moments of laughter erupted during nights of interactive live theater in the show “The Real Inspector Hound” held in the Backstage Theatre on Cheyenne campus April 10 to 19. “The Real Inspector Hound” is a play within a play. Part of the story centers around two theater … [Read More...]


Poet Andrew Romanelli Published in Literary Magazines

By Jonmaesha Shadrick Andrew Romanelli recently saw his poems published in Neon Dreams. Students who are creative writers and artists can submit their works for a chance to be published in Neon Dreams, a literary and visual arts journal at College of Southern Nevada. The club publishes a new … [Read More...]


Ancient Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement Exhibited on Campus

By Jessica Itzep Floral students displayed their works in an Ikebana exhibition at the College of Southern Nevada Summerlin campus on April 14 to 17. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, according to Ikebana International, a group that promotes peace through this artistic … [Read More...]


Nix Bros. TV and Film Projects Go Mainstream

By Heather LoveEvan and Adam Nix, known as the Nix Bros., have passions and immense talents for infusing storytelling and humor into their television and film making. The brothers, who formerly attended College of Southern Nevada in the media technologies program, have been making films for years … [Read More...]


Dance Delights Audience at Spring Concert

By Tia Keys Arabesques, pirouettes and rond-de-jambes were part of beautifully-crafted choreography gracing the stage as students performed during the Student Dance Concert in March. With an audience of more than 100, students performed original jazz, ballet and modern dance routines. Under … [Read More...]


Lee Daniels’ ‘The Butler’ Part of Black History Month Celebration

By Jonmaesha Shadrick College of Southern Nevada’s Black Student Association celebrated Black History Month with a viewing of Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” Feb. 17. Events were held on campus through the month to educate, engage and promote cultural awareness and appreciation. The movie viewing … [Read More...]

The band at The Beat Coffeehouse and Records

Headliner’s High Noon Narrative Rocks the Coffeehouse

By Terrell Markie College of Southern Nevada Students Ethan Ventura and Efrem Fajardo recently took the stage to perform five songs at The Beat Coffeehouse and Records, in the heart of Fremont Street, alongside their band High Noon Narrative for their first headlining performance. “Personally … [Read More...]

Emily Mcilroy on right (photo courtesy Jeff Fulmer)

Emily Mcilroy’s Painting ‘Between Two Waters’ Exhibited on Campus

By Tia Keys Special event held in honor of Hawaiian-artist Emily Mcilroy at the Fine Arts Gallery at College of Southern Nevada was emotional. Mcilroy’s art was inspired by the loss of her twin brother who died. A Gallery Talk held Feb. 6, 2015 for more than 20 students and other attendees … [Read More...]



Empowering Women

By Jordan Jones Women of Influence Awards luncheon hosted by the College of Southern Nevada recently honored six women whose work and passions have empowered others to succeed. The WOIA is an event that brings together the CSN community to celebrate women. The event is held once a year during … [Read More...]


Community at Community College

By Eduardo D. Rossal Although College of Southern Nevada is considered a commuter school, where students come in and out quickly, events like March Music Madness Arts and Music Festival kept students on campus for hours to enjoy the music and raise funds for an important cause. “It is a … [Read More...]


Women Shatter the Glass Ceiling

By Alex Aguilar There’s been a recognizable shift in the past half century as women moved into the workforce. Although much progress has been made, there still is a need for more. Women’s History Month highlighted this. In the past many women stayed in the home. Things started to change during … [Read More...]


Cesar Chavez Day Celebrates Hispanic Community

By Jennifer Hurtado Cesar Chavez Day brought the community together at the close of Hispanic Heritage month in March. The Hispanic Student Union at the College of Southern Nevada contributed its efforts with the Student Organization of Latinos from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to … [Read More...]


Don’t Suffer in Silence

By Eileen Salazar Many college students are victims of emotional abuse but do not speak of it. Counseling and Psychological Services, located on all three College of Southern Nevada campuses, can provide students help. "Emotional abuse includes non-physical behaviors such as threats, insults, … [Read More...]


Women Form Bond Crossing Over The Bridge of Peace

By Jessica Itzep Solving Racism “The Role of Women as Peace Makers” was held on College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus March 26. The event was held as part of Women’s History Month. The topic of racism needs discussion and the purpose of this event was to encourage it. “The more … [Read More...]


Share the Road Safely

By Stephanie Lyte Pedestrian fatalities have increased on Nevada roadways. Many factors are responsible for this, particularly pedestrian and driver negligence. “As a pedestrian I don’t always follow the rules of the road,” said Chauntell McCoy, a Las Vegas resident. “But I have been trying to … [Read More...]



CSN Graduation Signifies Ends and Beginnings

By Michael Carmona College of Southern Nevada’s upcoming graduation represents the end of several journeys and the beginning of new ones. “My journey at CSN has been a long one and it's crazy to believe that it's over,” CSN student Rachel Carruth said. “As I begin to take off the security … [Read More...]


Speed Through Courses This Summer

By Eileen Salazar While some students plan to vacation, others plan to study hard this summer. College of Southern Nevada offers students many ways to get ahead by offering four, six, eight or 10-week courses. "Students should be aware that it takes a concerted amount of time, effort and … [Read More...]


The Art of Studying

By Terrell Markie Students at College of Southern Nevada are gearing up for final’s week and certain study techniques are worth trying to retain information to pass those tests. In a 2013 article “Improving Students’ Learning with Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions from … [Read More...]


Writing Competitions Inspired Research on Psychology

By Tia Keys Writing competitions on campus through Psi Beta are encouraging students to do original research and write on topics in psychology in hopes to highlight talented students at College of Southern Nevada. Psi Beta, a national honor society for psychology that has a chapter at CSN, … [Read More...]


Hispanic Serving Institution: A New Title for CSN

By Jennifer Hurtado Nearly 27 percent of CSN students are Hispanic, according to the Nevada System of Higher Education’s diversity report. These numbers recently qualified CSN as a Hispanic Serving Institution opening doors to federal grants. CSN was honored at this year’s Latino Network of … [Read More...]


Crush Your Math Fears

By Jonmaesha Shadrick Calculus, trigonometry and algebra can be nerve-wracking for many students. College of Southern Nevada’s Crush Your Math Fears “Strategies for Success” workshop on March 24 advised students on resources they can access to pass math for their degree requirements. Dr. … [Read More...]


CSN is First Hispanic Serving Institution in Nevada

By Yessica Casias College of Southern Nevada has a multicultural and diverse student body. Recently CSN met the 25 percent threshold of Hispanic students that warranted a new designation for the College: Hispanic Serving Institution. “CSN is the most diverse institution in the state with more … [Read More...]


Volunteer Hours Can Lead to Scholarship Money

By Trena Allen Students who volunteer more than 40 hours per year can win The Volunteer Rush Scholarship. The easy-to-meet criteria make the scholarship easy to get. The Volunteer Rush Scholarship was created by the students for the students. ASCSN Student Government partnered with CSN Serves … [Read More...]


New Admissions Process Helps Students Successfully Start College

By Jessica Itzep College of Southern Nevada recently made changes to the admission’s process for incoming students. Clark County School District high-school graduates must now complete four-preparatory steps before starting college. “The program is going to help new students by ensuring that … [Read More...]


President Obama Proposes Free Two-Year College Plan

By Jennifer Hurtado President Barack Obama caught the attention of America during his State of the Union speech on Jan. 20, 2015 in Washington D.C. when he proposed a free two-year college plan. “That’s why I’m sending this Congress a bold new plan to lower the cost of community college to … [Read More...]



Time to File Taxes, Students Can Save with Education Credits

By Eileen Salazar Uncle Sam sits back and waits to collect his money no later than Wednesday, April 15. Students who work and make more than $10,150 a year must file taxes. The American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit can save students thousands. There are two tax credits … [Read More...]

Business Communication Duplicate model

People Can Take You Places

By Alex Aguilar Creating networks with access to professionals can help students get jobs. A workshop called The Art of Networking was held on campus for students. “I believe that networking is a critical part of any student’s career,” said Kathia Sotelo Calderon, College of Southern Nevada … [Read More...]



March Music Madness Raised Scholarship Money for Homeless Students

By Trena Allen Music filled the air on campus for the fourth annual March Music Madness Arts and Music Festival on March 12. Students enjoyed themselves and raised money for High 5 Drive. Six hours of melodies lingered through the campus corridors including smooth tunes from guitars to bumping … [Read More...]


LGBTQ Support with Safe Zones

By Michael Carmona College of Southern Nevada launched a Safe Zone program to support members of the lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual and questioning or queer communities. CSN’s Safe Zone program is designed to promote a more welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ … [Read More...]




By Ashlee Godwin People are consumed by media today. Technology is sophisticated and students spend a lot of their time engaging with screens creating some benefits but causing some problems. Research shows that adults spend more time engrossed in screens than working full-time jobs. “Over … [Read More...]

evan 2

Get Upwards of 50% off Food, Clothes and Entertainment with Student ID

By Evan Combs Get discounts on food, rent, shows, movies and services by getting a College of Southern Nevada student ID. The discount program can save students money. “In just six days of having a student ID, I think I’ve saved over $25 with all the food discounts that they offer,” says CSN … [Read More...]

Science & Technology

yessica 1

What is it like to be an Astronaut?

By Yessica Casias Imagine traveling beyond the parameters of planet Earth into a universe filled with unknowns. Astronauts get to do this. College of Southern Nevada’s show called “Astronaut” playing through Oct. 25 at The Planetarium gives a glimpse into this life. CSN’s Planetarium Manager … [Read More...]

courtney 3

CSN Mobile App, Resources at Your Fingertips

By Courtney Nixon Did you know you can check your grades on your smartphone? College of Southern Nevada’s mobile application, recently launched to increase connectivity with students, provides quick resources. “Approximately 55 percent of Americans have smartphones,” says Dr. Darren Divine, … [Read More...]


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