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CSN Mobile App, Resources at Your Fingertips

By Courtney Nixon Did you know you can check your grades on your smartphone? College of Southern Nevada’s mobile application, recently launched to increase connectivity with students, provides quick resources. “Approximately 55 percent of Americans have smartphones,” says Dr. Darren Divine, … [Read More...]



A Phoenix from the Ashes, Student Barbara Ayarza Rises from Difficult Past

By Eleni Parashos Barbara Ayarza never thought her life would turn out the way it did. In one fated moment of intervention she was connected with TRiO, a federally-funded program that provides resources and mentors for students who want to go to college. That set her life on a new path from the past of […]

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Student Carlos Holguin Finds Success in Music Industry

By Lizett Camarena Bass cellist Carlos Holguin works hard at school while kick starting his career in the music industry finding early success. Holguin plays an eclectic-musical repertoire from blues, jazz, country to Spanish up-tempo songs. He recently started selling his music through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. He sold approximately 80 downloads of his […]


Insights from Writer H. Lee Barnes

By Ashton Hall Published author and professor of creative writing at the College of Southern Nevada H. Lee Barnes released his latest novel “Cold Deck”. “Cold Deck” was presented at a book-signing event at the Charleston campus April 11, 2013. His new novel “Cold Deck” is the story of lead character Jude who finds himself […]


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Coyote Baseball Team Poised for Conference Title

By James Hernandez After a four-game sweep over the Colorado Northwestern Community College Spartans, the College of Southern Nevada Coyotes has evened its conference record at 8-8. With 16 games left, the Coyotes appear poised to make a run at the postseason. Freshman pitcher David Kuzma is confident that his team has the talent and […]

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Sign up for 5-on-5 Hoops League

By James Hernandez For the price of a latte any student can become a member of the College of Southern Nevada’s Sports Center and gain access to an exciting sporting activity: 5 on 5 Intramural Basketball. “Five dollars for access to a full sports facility is pretty good,” said Andrew Farrar, coordinator and director of […]

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Move, Sweat and Win

By Natalia Lancellotti Coyote Fitness Challenge at the College of Southern Nevada motivates students to work out to improve their health while winning prizes. Participating in the Challenge is simple. Students track the amount of time they exercise on a weekly log and submit it at the end of the two-month competition to the intramural […]

Art & Entertainment

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Binge Watching Takes Couch Potatoes to Next Level

By Sam Picazo Binge watching is a new practice that has changed how we watch TV. In the past viewers would watch one episode a week of their favorite shows. Today viewers watch several episodes in one sitting streaming from the Internet. “One key to understanding the addictive nature of television is the on-demand feature,” […]

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Audience Laughed Night Away at Students’ Short Acts

By Taylor Shaw Student actors and directors showcased their talents and charmed audiences on opening night of the College of Southern Nevada’s One Act Festival on March 14. “The purpose of the One Act Festival is to give acting and directing opportunities to as many theater students as possible,” said Richard McGee, music professor at […]

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Celebrities Influence Students in Real Ways

By Katlyn Kielminski Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus are some of the top artists making headlines weekly. Their influences in our culture are real and young people are affected by them in many ways. Michele Fogg, a professor of journalism and media studies at College of Southern Nevada, said that she […]

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Mayumi Amada’s “Eternity in Mortality”

By Taylor Shaw Art is one of the many ways people choose to express themselves. For Japanese artist Mayumi Amada, art is not only a medium of expression but also a dream come true. Her latest exhibit “Eternity in Mortality” opened to the public at the College of Southern Nevada’s Fine Arts Gallery on Friday, […]

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Shakespeare’s “Shrew” Entertains and Educates Students

By Christina Quattrone Actors performing William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” captivated audiences at College of Southern Nevada’s Nicholas J. Horn Theatre in early February. Utah Shakespeare Festival puts on a Shakespeare-in-the-Schools Tour performed the epic play with skill. The actors held various workshops for young students including stage combat and improvisation after the […]

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Art Provokes Thought About Chauvinism in the Workplace

By Eleni Parashos Amidst the quilt made of thongs and portraits of bare-breasted women, the attendees of The Fine Arts Gallery’s latest exhibition “Chauvinism at Work: Role Evolution” at the College of Southern Nevada are not shocked by what they see, but instead by what they read. During the opening of her exhibition on Oct. […]


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UFC’s Dana White Shares His Success Story with Students

By Alina King Dana White, president of the multi-billion sports organization Ultimate Fighting Championship spoke at the College of Southern Nevada’s Elite Business Series on March 25. During his presentation, White discussed overcoming personal obstacles on the way to achieving success. “I did not grow up with money,” White said. “I was … [Read More...]

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Rick Harrison of ‘Pawn Stars’ Spoke to Students

By David StepanianRick Harrison from the popular TV show “Pawn Stars” from A&E Television Networks spoke at the College of Southern Nevada’s inaugural Elite Business Series, which helps students become future business leaders. Harrison stood at the podium telling his story about finding success operating Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, his Las … [Read More...]

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Student Fashion Designer Creates Odd Rarities

By Joe Baker College of Southern Nevada student Tiffany Courts worked vigorously to get her clothing line Odd Rarities up and running. “Odd Rarities has been around for about two years,” Courts said. “The name Odd Rarities was inspired from a mix tape I was listening to a while back.” Odd Rarities has a recent collection of tee-shirts and … [Read More...]


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Typing Not as Beneficial as Handwriting for Learning

By Leonardo Schauer Ongoing research studies on the difference between typing and handwriting are yielding some preliminary results: handwriting is better for learning. “Based on my research, handwritten notes are more effective for learning,” said Dr. Daniel Oppenheimer, associate professor at University of California, Los Angeles. In an article called “The pen is mightier than the keyboard: advantages of longhand over laptop note-taking,” Oppenheimer and Pauline Mueller, graduate student at Princeton, revealed results from a recent … [Read More...]

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No More Late Registration for Classes

By Jose Sillas College of Southern Nevada established a new policy disallowing students to register late for classes starting spring semester 2014. This new policy is based on studies done by various colleges around the country that show students, who register late in the first 12 days after classes start, are more likely to dropout. Current students started registering for spring term November 4; new students will begin enrolling on November 21. Students must complete registration for classes by 11:59 p.m. the evening before classes … [Read More...]

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Social Media Affects Grades

By Joaquin Lomeli Jr Some students would rather Facebook then do their homework. It’s affecting their grades in addition to their face-to-face communication skills. According to a 2011 study of the effects of social media on college students, done by Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, researchers found 80 percent of participants in the study utilized social networks while working on homework, seeing a negative effect in efficiency and grades. Some student spent six-to-eight hours per day on social media, such as Facebook, … [Read More...]


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‘5, 6, 7, 8’ Melt Stress Away

By Lizett Camarena High-tempo music loudly fills the dance studios as students drop in for Latin Fusion and hip-hop dance classes. Most have goals of shedding pounds while releasing stress. There are four weeks left for students to participate in the spring Coyote Fitness Classes at the CSN Sports Center at the College of Southern […]

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HIV/AIDS Awareness Event Presents Truth and Promotes Testing

By Eleni Parashos College of Southern Nevada’s African American Heritage Committee hosted an HIV and AIDS awareness event on Wednesday, Feb. 12 as part of Black History Month. “This disease is a global epidemic,” said Kimiko Walton, CSN recruitment coordinator and co-chair of the African American Heritage Committee. “College students should understand that they are […]

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Stress can be Detrimental if Ignored

By Amber Sampson For college students, stress can either plant a seed of destruction or spring things in to motion. Managing stress relies on understanding how the body responds to it and how the mind can fix it. “Feeling stressed acts as a warning, requiring us to take some action,” says Michael Bakst, a professor […]

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No Shave November Raises Awareness for Prostate Cancer

By Joe Baker No Shave November, known as “Movember” and “Noshember” to veteran participants, has become more than just a month-long event dedicated to letting facial hair grow unruly but an opportunity to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. People have fun with this by growing crazy-looking mustaches such as the handle bar, where […]


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Don’t Text and Drive

By Joaquin Lomeli Jr. Texting while driving is dangerous; distracted drivers are to blame. Students should take steps to drive safely. An estimated 421,000 people were injured in motor-vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver in 2011, according to U.S. Department of Transportation report … [Read More...]

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Carpool to School, Earn Prizes through Club Ride

By Nathaniel Drake Students and faculty at College of Southern Nevada can explore ways to be more fuel efficient on their daily commutes with the help of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada’s program Club Ride. Club Ride is an incentive program that is designed to improve … [Read More...]



New Students, New Content on Coyote Student News

After the lull of winter break, Coyote Students News is back in action with a new staff of student reporters. One of the changes this term is the news will be published continually instead of on bi-weekly dates as it was done in the past. This is done with the goal of serving our readers […]


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