By Ashlee Godwin People are consumed by media today. Technology is sophisticated and students spend a lot of their time engaging with screens creating some benefits but causing some problems. Research shows that adults spend more time engrossed in screens than working full-time jobs. “Over the last 50 years, and most especially in the last […]

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Get Upwards of 50% off Food, Clothes and Entertainment with Student ID

By Evan Combs Get discounts on food, rent, shows, movies and services by getting a College of Southern Nevada student ID. The discount program can save students money. “In just six days of having a student ID, I think I’ve saved over $25 with all the food discounts that they offer,” says CSN student Christy […]

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Don’t Assume Privacy When Posting Images Online

By Ashley Virnoche Popular photo-sharing social-media sites like Snapchat are gaining millions of users. It’s fun to partake but be careful when posting images as privacy is not guaranteed. Snapchat, a photo-sharing social media app, creates mobile conversations. A person can snap a photo or video, add a caption and send it to a friend. […]



House & Senate in Republican Control as of Recent Election

By Aesha Jones November’s election gave the Grand Old Party control of the U.S. Senate and Congress for the remainder of President Barack Obama’s term. It was a big victory for Republicans. “I feel positive about the change,” says Dana Jones, an accounting teacher at College of Southern Nevada. “Now they can no longer be […]


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McBride’s Novel ‘We are Called to Rise’ Inspires Many

By Braydon Heier Laura McBride, assistant chair and professor of English at the College of Southern Nevada, debuted her first novel “We are Called to Rise” to much acclaim. “Laura McBride had me hooked on her novel by page two,” according to the book review by writer Kathleen Grissom. “The beginning of a roller coaster […]


Graffiti is Art

By Chace Alvarez Colors drippings from the nozzles of his spray cans, artist Angel Perez paints extraordinary graffiti art. Graffiti is usually something society looks down on but Perez creates something so vivid it becomes eye candy for the mind and changes people’s impressions of this art. His work is unusual for the common spectator […]


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By Evan Combs Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Presentation was held at College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus on Nov. 13. Three speakers gave students and faculty, who are interested in starting businesses, tips on how to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. Andrew Scheuermann, graduate of Stanford University with a Ph.D. in materials … [Read More...]

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Career Hunt is On

By Roland Conn Students applied for jobs at the recent career fair on campus. Some were successful landing great gigs. Kelly Wuest, director of career services and re-entry at College of Southern Nevada who helped plan this event, said the career fair was a wonderful opportunity for students to get exposed to industries, pick up information … [Read More...]



CSN supports LGBTQ

By Stephanie Lyte College of Southern Nevada partnered with The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada to host a faculty and student mixer on Oct. 9 in honor of National Coming Out Day. Charlene Gibson, CSN instructor, helped plan the event. She shared the importance of why she … [Read More...]


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

By Joaquin Lomeli Jr College of Southern Nevada staff, students and athletes joined thousands of breast-cancer supporters to raise money for the 15th annual Making Strides against Breast Cancer 5K event on Oct. 26. “I am a two-year breast cancer survivor,” said Sonya Newton, CSN administrative … [Read More...]

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Local and Global Issues on Students’ Minds

By Ashley Virnoche This year has been a whirlwind of current events. College of Southern Nevada’s students are concerned with a few issues including a local law-enforcement scandal, national elections and terrorist threats. Rich Bukowski, student at CSN, mentioned the recent issue with a Las … [Read More...]

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Short Films Featured at Festival

By Chace Alvarez Two-day film festival featured movies meant to share Latino culture. The Hispanic Museum of Nevada hosted the 10th annual Las Vegas Latino Film Festival on Oct. 24 and 25. For the past two years, College of Southern Nevada had the privilege to be part of it. “We have enjoyed doing this over […]

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Students Prepare for Roles in ‘The Seagull’

By Richie Frazier Students prepare for BackStage Theatre’s debut of the production “The Seagull” by getting into character using method acting. The play written in 1895 by Anton Chekhov, the Russian dramatist, is hailed as his best play inspired by a real-life incident he had witnessing the death of a seagull. An ensemble cast of […]

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Filmmakers’ Showcase

By H. Patrick Lombardo College of Southern Nevada presented its videography and film program’s third annual Short Film Showcase on Oct. 10, 2014. The Morse Arberry Jr. Telecommunications Auditorium was the venue for 13 student films that were screened to represent examples from the film production classes at CSN. The night’s big winner “American Nightmare” […]

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Photographer Casey Jade: Her Passions and Her Business

By Yessica Casias Casey “Jade” Levine, a photography student at the College of Southern Nevada, enjoys living life through the lens. Levine speaks about what captures her attention as a photographer. “I love sunsets. I love beautiful landscapes. I am very interested in abandoned things and graveyards, oddly enough. I love people with depth in their […]


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Don’t Slow Down Now

By Lashonza Featherston Midterms have passed and finals are approaching. Some students tire at this point in the semester while others strive for end-of-term success. Michael Elia, a CSN instructor, said he’s heard a lot of comments about students mostly enjoy classes this semester. “This term I have not seen a fall off. I generally attribute the high-engagement level to having more, rather than fewer, deliverables—keeping them turning things in or a quiz almost every week.” “Students are definitely asking more questions after midterms … [Read More...]

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County Commissioner Weekly says Education is the Way

By Evan Combs County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly came to the College of Southern Nevada to encourage students to change the Valley by improving themselves through education. “In my personal opinion, I don’t think Nevada takes education too seriously,” Weekly says. Sadly this fact is true. According to the 2013 Nevada Education Data Book, Nevada ranks 50th in the nation compared to other states on various categories including the following: student success, standards, assessment, accountability and investment for education. Nearly … [Read More...]

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CSNHS Students go to College While Finishing High School

By Braydon Heier College of Southern Nevada has challenged high-school students to work on their associate degrees while finishing high school at the same time. These CSNHS students are getting a head start by attending college sooner rather than later. “College of Southern Nevada was a high-school experience unlike any other,” said Dennis Basilio, former CSNHS student. “I was able to graduate with my associate degree prior to graduating high school; I am now able to complete my bachelor’s degree before I turn 20.” As of fall 2014 … [Read More...]

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Why Pay Back Loans When You Can Get Scholarships

By Stephanie Lyte Students often face financial hardships when federal student aid is not enough to meet the rising cost of a college education. Millions of dollars are offered annually in scholarships and grants; students should apply. “I think a lot of the students don’t apply for scholarships because they feel like it’s a waste of time,” said Nick James, a College of Southern Nevada financial-aid student advisor. Some students don’t apply because they think thousands of other students are competing for the same scholarships, which … [Read More...]

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Hotel Management Program Preps Grads for Industry

By Richie Frazier College of Southern Nevada's Hotel Management program provides an inside look at one of the city’s largest industries: hospitality. “The program gives students an overall view of the hotel industry,” said Dr. Terry Jones, CSN's Hotel Management program director. Having nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. Jones gives students real-world knowledge and experiences to prepare them to go into this competitive sector. “The industry of Las Vegas is based on hospitality,” said Maria Cuzic, a CSN student attending the program. … [Read More...]


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Get Active and Stay Active

By Ashlee Godwin Being healthy is important and exercise is a big part of it. There are many options to get in shape from teams and gyms to fitness classes. College of Southern Nevada’s Sports Center has a variety of options. “The main goal is to involve faculty, staff, and students and to motivate them […]

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Game On

By Roland Conn Stolen bases, basketball dunks, soccer kicks, volleyball spikes and football receptions, fall 2014 intramural sports season at the College of Southern Nevada is officially back. Flag football, softball, three-on-three basketball, indoor soccer and walleyball—volleyball on racquetball courts— are the exciting high-activity sports played this intramural season. A new program started this year. […]

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Soccer Stadium Would Draw 50% of Students to Games

By Yessica Casias, Evan Combs, Ashlee Godwin, Aesha Jones, H. Patrick Lombardo, Stephanie Lyte and Ashley Virnoche Fans of World Cup are likely to scream “Goal” if the professional soccer stadium is built in Downtown Las Vegas. In a recent poll of 204 College of Southern Nevada students, 50 percent said they would attend a […]

Science & Technology

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What is it like to be an Astronaut?

By Yessica Casias Imagine traveling beyond the parameters of planet Earth into a universe filled with unknowns. Astronauts get to do this. College of Southern Nevada’s show called “Astronaut” playing through Oct. 25 at The Planetarium gives a glimpse into this life. CSN’s Planetarium Manager … [Read More...]


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What is Ebola?

By Aesha Jones Ebola has been on the rise in West Africa and four cases were identified in the United States. Hospitals around the country are preparing to assist in Ebola cases including University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Some students are concerned about the spread of the virus. According to the Center for Disease […]


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R-Rated Halloween Haunted Houses Freak People Out

By Ashlee Godwin Haunted houses have evolved from homemade versions with coffins, ghosts, spider webs and jack-o-lanterns to gruesome frightening live theater experiences. The Freakling Bros., creator of some of the best haunted-house attractions in the Valley, premiered in 1992. By 2000 the company had three separate haunted houses raising the stakes in 2011 with […]


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